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The list below contains a number of publications from the various capacity building projects in the build up to the creation of Madagasikara Voakajy, as well as all of the outputs of Madagasikara Voakajy since May 2005


Bat News Winter 2015 Bat News Winter 2015

Year: 2015

This winter in the UK (summer in Madagascar), the Bat News of Bat Conservation Trust features the Bats of Madagascar. Read the full article here (icon Bat News Winter 2015).

PAG_NAPAmpotaka PAG_NAPAmpotaka

Year: 2014

Management Plan - Ampotaka/Ankorabe New Protected Area. November 2014

PAG_NAPAmbatofotsy PAG_NAPAmbatofotsy

Year: 2014

Management Plan - Ambatofotsy New Protected Area. November 2014.

PAG NAP Mangabe_Ranomena_Sasarotra PAG NAP Mangabe_Ranomena_Sasarotra

Year: 2014

Management plan for Mangabe New Protected Area. November 2014

PAG Analalava_Behasina_Mahialambo PAG Analalava_Behasina_Mahialambo

Year: 2014

Management plans for Analalava, Beasina and Mahialambo New Protected Areas. November 2014.