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Active Projects

  • Diego
    In 2007 we studied the pollination of the endangered baobab Adansonia suarezensis by endemic fruit bats and lemurs. We also conducted a conservation survey of fruit bat roosts in a newly proposed protected area.
  • Anjohibe
    We have surveyed different caves over five visits (2004-2007) and also studied the ecology of Hipposideros commersoni, including hunting by local people.
  • Tsitongambarika
    Since 2005 we have been working to conserve the flying foxes of this forest. Activities include supporting local village associations to protect roosts and an ongoing programme of environmental education.
  • Kianjavato
    Our study of the endemic insectivorous bat Myzopoda aurita started at this site in 2007.
  • Ankaratra Massif
    A study of threatened chameleon Furcifer campani in 2008.
  • Anosibe An’ala
    Since 2005 we have been conserving the threatened bat roosts of this district through establishing community-based initiatives and organising village competitions about biodiversity.
  • Moramanga
    In 2007 we started our conservation project on the golden mantella frog which aims to protect as much of the remaining habitat as possible for this critically endangered frog.

Past Projects

  • Parc National d'Ankarafantsika
    We studied habitat use by microchiropterans here in 2004 and the ecology of Hipposideros commersoni during 2004, 2006 and 2007.
  • Parc National de Namoroka
    We surveyed the bats of this protected area in 2004.
  • Parc National Tsingy de Bemaraha
    We have worked in this protected area since 2003 and support the park management team by conducting research on priority species and raising the capacity of guides. This work led to the description of a new endemic bat species. We have also worked with primary schools around the west of the park to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation.
  • Kirindy Forest
    In 2006 we studied the habitat use of the threatened chameleon Furcifer labordi.
  • Saint Augustin
    In 2003, 2004 and 2006 we studied the ecology of cave roosting microchiropterans at this coastal site.
  • Itampolo
    In 2007 we assessed the prevalence of bushmeat in the diet of people.
  • Sainte Luce
    In 2005 we studied the habitat use of endemic microchiropterans in the littoral forest.
  • Parc National d’Isalo
    In 2003 surveyed the bats of this protected area.
  • Itremo Massif
    A study of the threatened chameleon Furcifer minor in fragmented highland habitats during 2008.
  • Zahamena-Ankeniheny Corridor
    In 2006 we surveyed the flying fox roosts of this rainforest corridor.
  • Tampolo Forest Reserve
    We studied the ecology of Hipposideros commersoni at this littoral forest in 2005.
  • Ile Sainte Marie
    In 2006 we assessed the conservation status of flying fox roosts on this island.