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pdf The supply of illegal tortoise meat to Toliara City, south-western Madagascar

Tagged in bushmeat, endangered, reptiles, tortoises

A range of endemic and protected vertebrate species from Madagascar are threatened by the demand for bushmeat. We report on the number of discarded carapaces from illegally killed Critically Endangered radiated tortoises Astrochelys radiata in an urban centre in south-west Madagascar. 

pdf Hunting and consumption of mammals and birds by people in urban areas of western Madagascar

Tagged in birds, bushmeat, mammals

Felicien H. Randrianandrianina, Paul A. Racey and Richard K.B. Jenkins. Oryx 44, 411-415.

pdf The harvest of endemic amphibians for food in eastern Madagascar.

Tagged in amphibians, bushmeat, harvest

Jenkins, R. K. B., A. Rabearivelo, C. T. C. W. M. Andre, R. Randrianavelona, and J. C. Randrianantoandro. 2009. Tropical Conservation Science 2:25-33.

pdf Bats as bushmeat in Madagascar

Tagged in bats, bushmeat, communities

Jenkins, R.K.B and Racey, P.A. Madagascar Conservation and Development 3: 22-29.